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Recommendation Of Choosing Led Light Manufacturer


Aug 14, 2020

At present, the key part of the modern lighting industry can be said to be the led power supply. Each power supply has different options for use. How to configure the power supply? Choosing led street light manufacturer must understand the following performance and characteristics when buying led power supplies.

1. High Stability

Just like the driving power supply installed on high-altitude led street lights, maintenance is inconvenient, and the cost can be reduced by only one maintenance.

2. High Efficiency

High efficiency is an energy-saving problem, and the efficiency of the drive power is higher. The structure of the power supply installed in the lamp is very important. Since the luminous efficiency of light-emitting diodes increases or decreases with increasing temperature, heat dissipation is very important. High power efficiency, low power consumption, low heat generation in the lamp, reduces the temperature rise of the lamp, and is very beneficial to delay the light attenuation of the led.

3. High Power Factor

Power factor is the requirement of the power grid to the load. There is no mandatory standard for electrical appliances below 70 watts. Although the power factor of a single low-power electrical appliance is low, it has little impact on the power grid. However, the power consumption at night is large and the load is too concentrated, which will cause serious pollution to the power grid. For 30w-40w led drive power supplies, the country also has certain index requirements for power factor.

4. Drive Mode

There are two forms of current, one is a conventional voltage source, which can provide a variety of constant current resources, and each consistent current source can power each led. This kind of hybrid is curved, and the failure of 1 led will not affect the work of other light-emitting diodes, so the price will be slightly higher. The alternative could be a dc stable contemporary signal source whose leds can be jogged serially or in parallel. Its advantage is low price, but poor flexibility. In addition, it should solve the problem that causes led failure without affecting the appearance of other light-emitting diodes. Those bureaucracies coexisted for a while. In terms of price and performance, the multi-channel conventional modern output power supply mode will be higher. Perhaps this may be the mainstream path of fate.

5. Surge Protection

The anti-surge capability of light-emitting diodes is relatively poor, especially the ability to resist reverse voltage. Protection in this area is also very important. When installing outdoor led lighting, due to grid load rejection and lightning induction, various surges will intrude from the grid system, and some surges will cause damage to the leds. Therefore, the led high bay light supplier should have the ability to suppress surge intrusion and protect the led from damage.

6. Protection Function

On the idea of the traditional protection function, it’s best to feature feedback of led temperature within the constant current output to stop the led temperature from being too high.

7. Protection

The external power supply structure should be waterproof and moisture-proof, and the shell should be sun-proof.

8. Service Life

The service life of the driving power supply should match the service life of the light-emitting diode.

9. Regulations Compliance

Meet the requirements of safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility.

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