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Pilates Has Helped Our Body Keep Strong And Healthy


Sep 10, 2020

Pilates has long been touted for its ability to strengthen the core, sculpt long, lean muscles, and increase strength and flexibility. Professional dancers have used Pilates since the 1930s to maintain peak performance and prevent injury. 


Rumor Of Pilates

In the late ‘80s, Pilates became popular among celebrities for increasing strength without muscle bulk. Because of its popularity among celebrities and dancers, a common misconception is that only people who are already fit can do Pilates. This is absolutely not true! When practiced properly, Pilates can help anyone, of any age and fitness level, make lasting changes to their posture, core strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. 


Classical Pilates Of Joseph Pilates – Contrology

Joseph Pilates originally called his system “Contrology”—the study of control—because he believed the exercises required complete control of mind, body, and spirit. Over time, “Contrology” became synonymous with “Pilates” as his disciples and students recommended the practice to others. Only in the 1980s, over 10 years after his death in 1967, did the name of his system transition to simply “Pilates.”

Pilates’s direct disciples preserved his method diligently, and that practice is now referred to as “classical Pilates.” Over time, Pilates practitioners have introduced slight modifications or adjustments to classical Pilates in order to incorporate modern knowledge of biomechanics (the anatomical way the body moves). As practitioners and teachers, we embrace Joseph Pilates’s classical system, but have also recognized the need for modifications. Everybody is different, so every individual may need to perform Pilates exercises with slight variations. 


Improving Core Strength And Joint Mobility Quickly

Many women turn to Pilates after childbirth, as it helps re-establish the brain-body connection to the abdominal muscles, especially after a C-section. One male client of ours (who admitted he was attending Pilates lessons just to appease his wife) was shocked to see how much his range of motion improved in spinal rotation and shoulder mobility, which greatly improved his golf game. 

An older female woman still brags that she grew an inch in her 70s due to strengthening the deep postural muscles that support the spine. Friends routinely tell us that they are stronger now than they were 5 to 10 years ago, thanks to Pilates. 

On a personal level, Pilates has helped us stay young in body and mind. We use Pilates daily to stay strong, flexible, and injury free, and it has helped us remain the size we were when we were dancing professionally. Pilates has given us the confidence in our bodies and in ourselves to meet life’s challenges, and we’re passionate about sharing the benefits with as many people as possible. We share the fundamentals of Pilates exercises and teach strong technique out the gate to help anyone—even the absolute beginner—build a successful Pilates practice at home. 


Exercise Is Not Just About Burning Calories

It’s about a healthy spine, healthy joints, and the freedom to move through life with ease and without injury. Pilates has kept us just as active in our 40s as we were in our 20s, and we know that Pilates can do the same for you! Pilates will not only make you stronger, but also (and more importantly) keep your body supple and mobile, adding more life to your years. We’re excited to accompany you on your Pilates journey.

By adroo