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Allow The Children See The Invisible International


Dec 31, 2020

Within the international around us, we see skyscrapers, the babble of running water, motors coming and going however there is microscopic global that we can not see with our unaided eyes. The jeu scientifique microscope is one most of the first-class innovations of mankind inside the 20th century, which affords a replacement international in human vision. For the primary time, people saw many “new” tiny animals and flowers, also because the internal shape of everything from the physical body to plant fibre . Accompany our k2-o children, permit’s explore the “invisible global”.

1.Explore The Micro World Around Us

What does the planet appear as if under the microscope? After an easy introduction of the microscope, children all clamored to watch the planet under a microscope. “Curious” children were excited to start a journey of micro world exploration.

2.Micro World Under A Microscope

Through the microscope, the “invisible” world is magnified into the lens. Some s are intertwined like fishing nets; some are lying quietly; some like small oval cookies; with the assistance of a microscope, children can see a completely different world. After the search , children jumped for joy like that they had discovered treasure and told others what the micro world seems like .The same object is different from the magnification of the microscope, and therefore the world isn’t an equivalent .

3.Making Simple Specimens

The children weren’t satisfied with the observations of specimens that have already been prepared and that they want to seem inside an onion. what is going to onions appear as if under a microscope? For K2 children, making a specimen able to observe under a microscope is extremely difficult but under the guidance of the teacher they were willing to undertake again and again. the youngsters cover a clean glass slide with gauze and apply a drop of water. With a pair of tweezers they carefully peel alittle sample of onion. It’s tough for them! The onion sample is place on the water on the glass and it’s spread carefully with a needle. a canopy slide is placed on top and it’s finished!

4.Draw The Micro World

The world under the microscope is such a lot different from the planet we see. Children decided to draw the micro world with crayons.The children were drawing and chatting, “Look! this is often the butterfly wing I painted. Under the microscope, it’s sort of a mini figurine lego.” “The scales of the butterfly are colorful and delightful .” Through their chats children open the gates of memory and visualize the invisible world again. what’s more interesting, after the painting, children played a game . Guess what I painted and that i guess what you’ve got painted. the youngsters mentioned the specimen pictures and explained how there picture was an equivalent to their friends. Some children drew four different specimens.

The world is mysterious and miraculous. From the start of birth, we began to explore the planet . In Angel, we follow children’s curiosity and eager footsteps, still explore the planet around us and find more wonderful things a day .

By adroo