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6 Tips To Teach You To Improve The Lighting Problem Of Houses


May 3, 2021

The lighting problem is the most troublesome problem in the whole decoration. Living in a house with poor lighting can make people feel depressed, and living for a long time will also affect their mental and physical health; then after buying a house with poor lighting, how to make up for it?

Light Color As The Main Tone Of The Interior

White can reflect all light, making the home look spacious and bright. Therefore, it is best to choose white as the main color for rooms with poor lighting. Painting the ceiling including beams in white can blur the boundaries of the house and expand the space visually. Many people prefer textured oak floors when choosing floors. In fact, birch floors are more suitable for rooms with poor lighting to prevent dark floors from absorbing light.

Make The Most Of Natural Light

Compared with artificial light sources, natural light is more comfortable and brighter, so interior design hong kong should preserve natural light to the maximum. For example, between the study and the corridor, the kitchen and the dining room, and even the bedroom and the corridor, use glass + curtains to improve daylighting. Some windows are limited in size. At this time, you should remove the furniture by the window and try to let the light enter the room without obstruction. The balcony is almost the most important lighting surface in all apartment types. If there is an extra sliding door between the balcony and living room, it will lose light. If the house has poor lighting, you may wish to open the balcony and living room into an integrated one.

Reduce Clutter Stacking

In the case of poor lighting conditions, the pile of things will only make the room more dim. Clean up the space, avoid debris, flowers and plants occupying light, and welcome more sunlight.

Clever Use Of Reflected Light

Reflectance is to improve daylighting from the reflection of light, and the light is reflected through the materials of the interior decoration, thereby improving the brightness of the indoor environment atmosphere. The use of mirrors can visually expand the space and improve the daylighting of the room.

Choose The Right Furniture

Avoid choosing complicated and large pieces of furniture, try to buy simple and short pieces of furniture, and avoid large pieces of furniture from blocking the light; you can also choose transparent furniture, which can be expressed in the following three forms: glass material, polished finish, and Shiny metal material. Simple glass furniture can pass more light, and small corners can also get rid of dimness. Large pieces of polished tiles reflect light and make the room appear brighter.

Reasonable Planning Of Artificial Light Sources

Supplemental light is to make the indoor home improvement brighter through the electric lighting system, which is a helpless way to improve the indoor dim problem; the light source can create a sense of hierarchy, and adding some auxiliary light outside the main light can also be close to the effect of natural light. The lighting of wall lamps and downlights is very soft, which can alleviate the problem of insufficient lighting in cloudy days or in the evening.

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